of the


As amended January, 2014


Article I


This organization shall be called the Shakespeare Club of Pomona Valley.


Article II


The object of this club shall be the study of Shakespeare’s life and works, with supplementary study of related topics.


Article III


Section 1.  General Membership

Admission to the club shall be open to all who support the objective of the Club and will become effective upon payment of dues.

Section 2.  Honorary Members

a. A member of the club or of the community who has done outstanding service related to Shakespeare’s life and works may be designated on Honorary Member by a two-thirds vote of the membership.
b. Privileged membership may be given by a vote of the Executive committee to a member who is unable to attend meetings.  Such a member shall be exempt from payment of dues.


Article IV


Section 1.The officers of this organization shall be:    

                        President; 1stVice President/Program; 2nd Vice   President/Member-ship; Secretary; and Treasurer.  

                       These officers, with the Past President ex officio, shall  constitute the Executive Committee.


Section 2.The Board shall consist of the members of the 

Executive Committee, four Directors appointed by the President, and the Chairs of the Standing Committees.

Section 3.The officers of the organization shall be elected 

annually at the May meeting.  Two of the four Directors shall be appointed by the President each year, each to serve for a two-year term.


Article V

Nominations and Elections

Section 1.The Nominating Committee shall be constituted of  the 

two retiring directors and one member appointed by the President from the General Membership.

Section 2.The duties of the Nominating Committee shall be to 

nominate one candidate for each open office, presenting these at the May meeting.

Section 3.The consent of each candidate must be obtained 

before his/her name is placed in nomination for any position.

Section 4.A vacancy on the Board during the year may be filled 

temporarily or for the balance of the year by a member appointed by the President with the approval of the Executive Committee.

Article VI

Duties of Officers

Section 1.President

a. Shall preside at all meetings of the organization and the Board.
b. Shall ask members to introduce their guests at meetings.
c. Shall serve as ex officio member of every committee.
d. Shall serve as immediate Past President of the Board for the following year.
e. Shall appoint all committee chairs.
f. Shall call special meetings as necessary.
g. Shall fill vacancies on the Executive Committee or the Board with the approval of the Committee.

Section 2.First Vice President/Program

a. Shall perform the duties of the President in the absence or inability of the President to act.
b. Shall serve as Program Committee Chair.

Section 3.Second Vice President/Membership

a. Shall perform the duties of the President in the absence of the President and First Vice President.
b. Shall serve as Membership Committee Chair.

Section 4.Secretary

a. Shall keep the minutes of the proceedings of all meetings of the Club, the Board, and the Executive Committee.
b. Shall read the minutes of the previous meeting each month and have available minutes of earlier meetings.
c. Shall keep a current copy of the bylaws.
d. Shall conduct any correspondence requested by the President.


Section 5.Treasurer

a. Shall receive all monies of the organization and deposit same in the bank designated by the Executive Committee.
b. Shall pay only those bills authorized by the Board or the Executive Committee.
c. Shall keep a current list of paid memberships.


Article VII


a. Shall serve as members-at-large of the Board.
b. Shall serve on the Nominating Committee at the end of their second year.


Article VIII

Duties of Standing Committee Chairs

Section 1.Appointment of Committee Member

Each Committee Chair may, after consultation with the President, appointment such committee members as are needed to carry out the committee’s duties.


Section 2.Program Committee Chair (1st Vice President)

a. Shall arrange for a program for each monthly meeting, October through May, and shall timely provide the Yearbook Chair and the Publicity Chair with the information.
b. Shall introduce the program presenter.
c. Shall express appreciation and send a thank-you note to the program presenter.

Section 3.Membership Committee Chair (2nd Vice President)

a. Shall be responsible for name tags and sign-in sheets for each meeting.
b. Shall encourage new and prospective members to attend meetings.
c. Shall distribute yearbooks to all members whose dues for the current year are paid and provide a copy of the bylaws to each new member.


Section 4.Tea Committee Chair

a. Shall arrange for two host members for each meeting and give that information to the Yearbook Chair and the Publicity Chair, all in a timely manner. 
b. Shall encourage each member to sign up for tea duty.
c. Shall contact each month the hostess and co-hostesses responsible for providing a tea.
d. Shall oversea serving, cleanup, and general coordination of teas.


Section 5.Telephone Committee Chair

a. Shall be responsible for all members being called one week prior to each meeting.
b. Shall report to the hostess the number of members and visitors expected to attend the meeting.


Section 6.Publicity Chair

a. Shall be responsible for all publicity of the organization.
b. Shall submit all publicity releases to the President prior to the publication of same.


Section 7.Yearbook Chair

a. Shall be responsible for preparing and printing of the Yearbooks listing programs, memberships, and bylaws.

Article IX


Section 1.The fiscal year shall be June 1st through May 31st.

Section 2.The annual dues shall be payable to the Treasurer by 

        time of the November meeting each year.

Section 3.The amount of the annual dues shall be $25.00.

Section 4.Dues shall be used to finance the operations of the 


Section 5.New memberships paid after March shall carry until 

May 31st of the following year.


Article X


Section 1.The regular meeting of the Club shall be held on the

second Monday of each month, October through May.

Section 2.Meetings shall be open to all interested persons, 

members, and non-members alike.

Section 3.Special meetings shall be called by the President as 

deemed necessary.


Article XI


Section 1.Quorum

a. A quorum for the purpose of adopting amendments to these bylaws shall be a simple majority of the members.
b. A quorum for a Board Meeting shall be by simple majority.

Section 2.Submitting Amendments

a. Proposed amendments shall be presented at a regular meeting and voted upon by the membership at the following meeting.
b. The Executive Committee may present proposed amendments to all members by mail, enclosing a ballot to be returned by mail to the Secretary, who will determine whether the number of ballots returned constitutes a quorum.  The ballots will then be counted by the Executive Committee.


Article XII

Disposition of Residual Funds

Section 1.  In the event of the Shakespeare Club of Pomona Valley 

                          being dissolved; any residual funds shall be donated to   

                          agreedShakespeare group(s) as voted by a majority of    

                          remaining members.


Article XIll

Parliamentary Authority

Section 1.Roberts’ Rules of Order, Newly Revised, shall be used

                        when necessary.